Top 5 Things To Look Forward To When You Buy A Home

So, you’re buying your first home — congrats! We know you are filled with excitement as you pick out paint colors and decorations but allow us to burst your bubble a little bit. Many first time home owners are caught off guard by certain things they never thought they’d have to deal with. Although owning a home is wonderful and exciting, it comes with a big responsibility and you’ll be less disappointed if you plan for potential issues now.

  1. Start researching professionals now so you know who to call when you need them! This includes plumbers, electricians, Castle Rock air conditioner repair services, and pest control to name a few. Matlock would love to help with all of your heating and cooling needs. If your air conditioning stops working in the middle of the night or your hot water heater breaks, you’ll be glad you have a number handy.
  2. Invest in some basic tools and brush up on some basic handyman skills. In the past you may have just called your landlord to fix your broken door knob or your leaky faucet, but now you are the landlord. You can save yourself a few bucks by learning to fix simple things yourself.
  3. Plan to spend your extra cash on things for your home. Whether it’s new flowers to brighten up the porch, a new coat of paint, or something less fun like replacing your gutters, homes cost money. On the up side, you’ll likely be really proud of your space and will actually enjoy buying things to spruce up the place and make it your own.
  4. You may not have as much free time. Weekends used to be spent laying by the pool or hanging out with your friends, but now you may find yourself pulling weeds or updating your light fixtures! Unless you are buying a brand new home that you designed yourself, there is always something to do especially in the beginning. Some of it you may enjoy but some of it you just have to do whether you like it or not.
  5. Home maintenance tasks need to be done more often than you think. Everything from your HVAC system to your plumbing to your carpeting, needs routine maintenance in order to get the most longevity out of it. It may be wise to make a list of the things you need to do and spread them out throughout the year so the costs are spread out. New roofs, exterior paint, new flooring and various other things can be a huge expense so plan well in advance for them!

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