Get Ready for Spring

The seasons are changing and that means homeowners should be aware of important items that will make the transition to spring much easier!

  1. As with any season transition, allergies can be the first sign that the weather and environment are changing. With spring, the plants, flowers, and foliage around us will start to bloom and grow, which can mean big problems for seasonal allergies. To help reduce allergic reactions, change your furnace filter. The filter will trap dust and allergens that could be causing irritation, and will ultimately ensure cleaner breathing air in your home if it is clean.
  2. Schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance with your local heating and cooling company. For furnace service Castle Rock homeowners rely on the team at Matlock Heating & Cooling. Soon we won’t be using our furnaces anymore and we will transition to the use of air conditioners and swamp coolers, so have your furnace checked and tuned-up so you aren’t surprised with any issues come next winter.
  3. Check your roof! Spring showers will surely expose any holes in the roof, so if there’s a risk of a leak, make repairs now before it becomes a larger issue.
  4. Plant your garden. Start figuring out what you would like to grow in your yard this year, and start planting! It’s a good idea to plant shade trees and plants that will block the sun from the air conditioner, so in the summertime your AC won’t have to work as hard. If you have existing plants that died over the winter, or have dead limbs and shoots, trim or remove now to allow for new spring growth.

Matlock Heating & Cooling, Inc. is your source for all things HVAC – contact us with questions or to schedule maintenance today!

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