Caring for Your Home in Winter

Though Coloradans experience plenty of sunshine during the wintertime, we also get quite a bit of snow and cold weather. It’s always beneficial to keep up on home maintenance throughout the entire year, so no areas of your home fall into disrepair. Make yourself a maintenance checklist for your home – here are a few tips to help you get started!

  • Have your HVAC system maintained by a professional. If you find yourself asking, “Why is my furnace not turning on?”, or wondering why it is heating unevenly, a simple service call to your local HVAC company could get your home restored to a warm, comfortable temperature in no time. Matlock Heating & Cooling is the leader for services for heating in Highlands Ranch. Get your system checked and tuned-up before any issues start!
  • Keep up on trimming trees and removing dead branches. During winter storms, they can break and fall due to wind and snow buildup, which can be dangerous. If you address dead branches when you first notice them, you can manage the situation and avoid having a large project on your hands down the road.
  • Clear out your gutters. When you allow debris, such as leaves and sticks to build up in your gutters, they can block melting snow and rain from being able to drain properly, which can eventually cause damage. You can also install gutter guards that will allow water to pass through, but keep debris out, making your life easier!
  • Insulate where needed. Check for cold air coming in around doors, windows, outlets, and other areas that pose the possible threat of air leaking. You can add caulking around windows, weatherstripping around doors, and insulation behind outlets and light fixture to provide the proper seal and keep cold air from finding its way into your nice, warm home.

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